Our Service Model

Specalists in Fixed Asset Valuations

Our Service Model

At Australian Valuations, we specialise in fixed asset valuations so you will deal with experts who are totally committed to meeting and exceeding your valuation and asset management needs.

Many ‘valuation practices’ take a casual approach to the valuation of your fixed assets as they offer valuation and valuation-related advisory services as an add-on to their core business.

Our service model

7 Steps to our valuations

We understand how important it is to feel confident that all your valuation needs will be properly met.

We offer an obligation-free consultation before any work commences to establish a clear understanding of your requirements and present our capabilities so you can feel confident we can deliver. There is no financial commitment necessary for an initial consultation.

Our 7-step process will ensure we provide accurate valuation advice for both standard and specialised assets based on a thorough understanding of your business and its requirements.

1. Consultation

We provide an obligation-free consultation to establish a clear understanding of your objectives and circumstances.

2. Project planning

Our Service Management team develops a concise and efficient plan tailored to your needs.

3. Data collection

We conduct inspections and investigations and collect qualitative and quantitative data about your items of valuation including consultations with key staff and subject matter experts.

4. Research and analysis

Australian Valuations has extensive preexisting databases and access to the specialised knowledge of our qualified valuers to ensure research is efficient and accurate. This is supported also by a range of online sources, and information gathered by subject matter experts and suppliers to gain the most current information and value of your assets.

5. Report preparation

Our onsite and offsite findings are then drafted in to an initial report by the valuer in charge of your project.

6. Peer review

Our valuers do not work alone, reports are peer-reviewed by other team members to ensure the accuracy of figures, valuations and findings.

7. Report Delivery

Our professional and comprehensive reports are presented to the client within agreed contract timelines. A draft report can be supplied for client comment before the final report is issued.

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